Internet Marketing and SEO Product Reviews by Brian Parnall

brian parnall

July 24, 2024


Well, it’s now been 10 years since I have been coaching people on internet marketing.

More to the point search engine optimization, YouTube and Google My Business rankings.

My clients have gone on to be well known SEO’s and marketers in their own rights. Some now have multiple 6 figure local marketing agencies. For that I am extremely proud, even if in some instances I only had a small hand in their successes. In the end it’s their passion and tenacity that has got them to that point.

This site is going to be purely dedicated to products that I use and love. And in turn, recommend to you, my fellow marketer.

I will also use this site to recommend other marketers and SEO’s that I look upto and basically know their shit.

My thoughts whilst writing this are that I will probably end up doing some kind of webinar series. It’ll be a weekly, or bi-weekly Q&A session to help everyone grow their businesses.

At the end of the day, as my friend Eric Lancheres reminded me. As much as we all want more traffic and visitors to our websites. In reality it’s customers and clients we want as it’s those that put food on our tables and feed our families.