Why Flex Seal?

FlexSeal-cans-mainI suppose this is a frequently asked question. I mean, there are a lot of caulks and other similar stuff on the market. So why Flex Seal?

That is easy, because it’s simply the best! It’s not just a liquid rubber. It’s a tool that can save you some money, save you some time and headaches. Just think about it. You need to make a quick, small repair. What do you do? You ruin an entire tube of caulk? To what purpose. OR, I suppose all of you know how a caulk gun works. If not, let me tell you. You apply pressure on the bottom of the tube in order for the caulk to get out. However, when you are done, the caulk will not stop coming out of the tube because there is still some excess pressure. That is when a caulk gun becomes really messy and kind of annoying. But Flex Seal….well, this is another story. This will never happen with Flex Seal. It will only come out as much as you need.

Also, you will be able to use this silicone sealant more than once. As you may well know, a caulk tube can be used only once. Why? Because if you don’t use it all at once some will remain in the tube and it will dry off. Now there is a waste of money. But this will never happen to Flex Seal. After you use it, you put the lid on and you can use it again and again, and again, until there is nothing left in the tube. That how amazing Flex Seal is. It is the perfect liquid rubber and will remain liquid until you decide otherwise.

Moreover, around the house there can be many jobs that will require sealing, bonding and caulking. The problem is that you may need a different product for different jobs. This will only stick to that and that will only stick to this. It can be really annoying when you need 4 products for 4 jobs. But not with this silicone sealant you won’t. Flex Seal sticks to virtually everything so you will only need ONE product for ANY job. How awesome is that?

I hope this answers your question. So…why Flex Seal? The answer is why not! It’s everything you need.

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