Flex Seal Review- How is this product best for you

FlexSeal_Banner_4Cracks and holes are inevitable in any household. There is always something that breaks, bursts or splinters. It’s natural. Nothing lasts forever. But what if there were a way to fix all these things in an easy, clean way, without resorting to caulk guns? Lucky for you, there is!

Flex Seal is a revolutionary, new product that holds the ability to replace caulks and glues. Every feature you need is now in one single product. Flex Seal is a super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds and seals. You can fix almost everything with it and it is amazingly easy to use.

We have all been in that situation when you just don’t get yourself to throw something away in the hope of soon finding a viable solution for fixing it. Sadly, most adhesives glues and caulks don’t work, or they deteriorate in a little while. This is where Flex Seal comes in. Due to the fact that is very thick, you can fill huge cracks and holes in almost everything. You don’t have to throw things away anymore just because it leaks. Flex Seal will take care of that for you. A lot of people used Flex Seal and are very satisfied with the product. You can read online a lot of Flex Seal reviews. People have used Flex Seal sealant on a lot of surfaces and declared themselves more than satisfied. You should try Flex Seal and see for yourself.

Forget about caulking guns when renovating or doing repairs. Flex Seal is the easy solution. It clings to almost everything and in a short while it transforms into a solid rubber seal. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom and you don’t even have to wear any equipment or prepare the area of use (except removing grease or any other substance that may affect adherence). It is the cleanest way to make repairs. Also, unlike regular caulks that dry out, shrink or crack over time, Flex Seal expands and contracts to make everything completely waterproof.

When ordering Flex Seal you will also get a free extension tube. This way you will be able to use it in those hard-to-reach places, or you can cut it in order for the tube to release more substance at once.

How Flex Seal works

Basically, Flex Seal is a pressurized dispenser of caulk-like substance that is created for the sole purpose of sealing and bonding things together. It’s the neatest and clean way for anyone to easily make repairs. The makers of Flex Seal guarantee that there is no other long-lasting similar product on the market. It can last up to 30 years without deteriorating. And, unlike the caulks you find on the market, there is no waste. Usually, if you buy a caulk gun and you use just a little bit, it will dry out in the tube until the next use. But Flex Seal can be used again and again without drying out.

Is extremely versatile. You can use it on any surface, in your kitchen, bathroom, you can use it to make plumbing repairs or even fix structural leaks. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You just point the tube at a 45 degrees angle, press against the tube and run along the seam you are trying to seal. Simple as that. You don’t have to be a professional in order to use Flex Seal. Anybody can do it.

When making repairs, we all hate those hard-to-reach places. You just cannot get your work done properly, whatever you may try. Flex Seal makers have taken this issue seriously and created an easy, but valid, solution. They added an extension tube. Besides the fact that you can now reach any small place, you can also cut it to adjust the thickness of the bead in case you need to use more substance at one.

When done using Flex Seal, you just have to release the tube and wipe the excess. It will not keep leaking like regular caulks. This way you will get a perfect beaded seal, completely waterproof. Although manufacturers state that Flex Seal is better on dry surfaces, you can also use it on one that is wet, as long as you don’t use it in standing water.

An important aspect when making repairs is the kitchen or bathroom is the occurrence of mold or mildew. Nobody wants to see that in the living space, or anywhere else for that matter. Most caulks create an auspicious environment for this nasty issue, but not Flex Seal. It contains some substances that don’t even allow the occurrence of mold, let alone its expansion.

Unlike other sealant products, Flex Seal dries in a very short amount of time. The main worry is that you might accidentally touch it and ruin the entire repair. But this is not the case. Flex Seal dries in 20 minutes to the touch. However, it may take 48 to 72 hours to completely dry off. Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures, -76 degrees F to 350 degrees F. So, if you use Flex Seal outside and it snows all over it, in the spring you will find it just the way you left it, intact.

When dry, Flex Seal transforms into solid rubber that both expands and contracts. This way you can use it on any object or surface: sinks, bathtubs, tiles, windows, showers, skylights, roofs, gutters, autos, boats, RV’s, campers, PVC, ducts, decorative items, and many more. As you can see, the sky is the limit. What is more amazing is that it will never fade, dry, crack or even yellow and deteriorate from contact with household cleaners. As you well know, bathroom and kitchen caulks must be changed periodically because they change color, the bad way. Whether they turn yellow or grey, they are aesthetically disturbing. But if you try Flex Seal you will have up to 30 years of immaculacy.

In spite of its versatility, Flex Seal is not recommended in certain situations. For example, you cannot use it for fixing tires or any other object on which is exerted a great amount of pressure. Also, Flex Seal has not been tested on potable drinking water systems and cannot be painted over.

When you get Flex Seal, you will receive:

  • 1 can of Flex Shot (in can be purchased in White, Clear, Almond and Black)
  • 1 reusable extension tube
  • 1 extra can and tube free
  • 1 can Flex Seal (extra in Shipping and Handling)


Pricing, Shipping, and Refunds

k2-_50bcabd6-1ed4-4e3e-8a3e-f8ecb23bdd74.v1.jpg-69a417d439600a540594eba097386851ebb47ed7-optim-450x450Flex Seal has a “Buy one get one for free” policy on their website. So if you order one tube, you will receive one extra tube for no extra funds. The price per tube is 12.99$, along with the shipping and handling the total cost will be 22, 98$.  The amount of time for delivery is somewhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the product, which is not very likely, you can return Flex Seal and get a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

All in all, is everything you need when sealing and bonding things together. It is the best product out there and it will not disappoint you. So get Flex Seal now and see for yourself. You will never use caulk again.


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