Flex Seal – Customer Reviews

If you are having trouble on not believing everything Flex Seal has to offer, here are some reviews from satisfied customers.

Martha, 32, housewife

“I have this beautiful pot my father made when I was younger. It is even painted by him. It’s extremely beautiful. I have it on the patio because it is rather big. One day, my 7 year-old son had some friends over and decided to play some football. Accidentally, they threw the ball right in my beautiful pot. It broke instantly. I was so sad. I really love that pot and it is a nice memory from my father, who died 3 years ago from a heart attack. The broken pieces were big enough to fix it so, of course, I tried to put it back together. I bought some industrial glue and it held for a while. But one morning I saw it into pieces again. The glue didn’t hold for too much, the dirt was too heavy. A friend of mine told me about Flex Seal one day so I decided to give it a try. It is amazing I tell you. The pot is now as good as new. It still holds and if you look at it you wouldn’t say it was broken. Thanks to Flex Seal I can still enjoy the pot from my father. So thank you Flex Seal. Keep up the good work!”

Louis, 54, electrician

“One day I left my dog in the backyard, as I always do, left him play and went back inside. I come back in about half an hour to see my dog very focused on chewing my garden hose. I ran to take him away from the hose, but it was already too late. The hose was full of holes from its teeth. I taped it with duct tape, but it got leaky and made puddles all over my lawn. The dog was getting dirty. It was really annoying. I thought about buying a new hose, but my brother told me about Flex Seal. I thought to myself that I should at least give it a try before throwing the hose away. I was skeptic because most products are oversold, but Flex Seal delivered. I was amazed about how easy it was to use and how it made my hose as good as it was when I first bought it. Flex Seal is unbelievably efficient. I also tried it on the roof of my shed. When it rains it doesn’t get wet inside. I recommend it to everyone.”

Carl, 26, realtor

“I bought a canoe 2 years ago. I just love taking it to the river. It’s one of my favorite activities. Sadly, a couple of months ago I hit some rocks really bad and I woke up with several holes in my canoe. They weren’t that big, but they were big enough to take water. I was quite upset because I really loved that canoe and buying a new one wasn’t in for me at the time, money was really tight. Lucky for me, my boss told me about Flex Seal. Oh man, this thing saved my canoe. I made a few Flex Seal patches and then applied them on my canoe. I didn’t believe they would hold, I mean it’s just some liquid rubber, but I couldn’t be more wrong. It worked like a charm. I took it to the river again and Flex Seal actually held. I was so satisfied with it. I fixed my canoe with 20 bucks. It doesn’t get any better than this. Since then I recommend Flex Seal to everyone. It’s the best thing you could possibly have around the house.”

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