Do It Yourself vs. Professional Help

DIY-vs-hired-help_large_iztvplThere is always something broken around the house. I don’t believe there is in this world a household without at least one issue. Things get broken without any apparent reason sometimes and the one thing you can do about it is accept it and fix it. Whether it is yourself or a professional, that’s completely up to you.

I have always opted to get things fixed by professionals. Why? Because why bother? There are people who get paid to do just that. And they usually do it better…doh! I thought that everybody has to eat and if I do all the electrical, for example, what will the electrician do? He would go out of business if everybody thought the same. I embraced this principle for every area of expertise. It is not a bad thing, but sometimes projects like this can really dry out your pockets.

So…what happens when money is tight? You do a little research and you get yourself a little DIY project. Just so you know, I don’t encourage you to become an electrician overnight. This is potentially dangerous and you must not toy with it. But home improvements projects…go ahead. You may even have some fun while at it.

DIY is fun, but time consuming and not completely cheap. So don’t think you will save a fortune by doing everything yourself. All you save is the workmanship. The supplies are as expensive as they would be when the constructor buys them. Also, it will take you longer to get the job done because you know…you don’t feel any pressure other than the pressure you put on yourself. But all in all, it can be fun, you learn a whole bunch of new things and the satisfaction is really rewarding. You would be looking at something and feel proud thinking ‘I did that!’.

On the other hand, professionals know what they are doing. You will not see them googling ‘How to install hardwood’, or ‘How to change a socket’. They make a living out of these activities, therefore they do it well. And fast. Yes, it is more expensive to call a plumber or an electrician, but think of the money you will be spending if you try to do the job yourself and make it worse. There’s that… and let’s not forget about the safety issues. I bet that there are people who try to change a socket without cutting the power first.

All in all, there are pros and cons on both sides. After all, you do what you have to with the resources you have at hand. However, I advise you not to take these kinds of projects lightly. No matter how much easy they may appear to be,  I guarantee you that most of them are more complicated than they seem. There is a reason people get taught and trained to do them, so don’t underestimate the difficulty of a certain project. Chances are there a lot of things you wouldn’t even think about. And always put safety first.


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