Flex Seal Liquid Gallon – Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

I suppose I don’t have to tell you that things break or suffer damage around the house all the time because you already know. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here looking for a solution. Luckily for everyone, we have another Flex product at hand: Flex Seal Liquid. Flex products have never disappointed anyone and are not about to start now.

Cans of Flex Seal Liquid

What is Flex Seal Liquid Gallon?

Flex Seal Liquid is a new product from the Flex Family and is actually a gallon liquid rubber in a can (or a handyman in a can).  That’s right! You can now buy liquid rubber by the gallon if you need it. However, if you do not need such a large quantity, you have the option to choose from the large can (which is 16 oz) or the jumbo can (which is 32 oz). Basically, Flex Seal Liquid is the easy way to coat, seal, protect and stop leaks fast.

How does Flex Seal Liquid work?

Flex Seal Liquid is simple to understand. You choose the way you want to use it. You can brush it, roll it, dip it or pour it anywhere you need a watertight, flexible rubberized coating with extraordinary coverage area. Make sure to use this sealant according to the given instructions. Many people claim that Flex Seal Liquid does not work, but that’s because they completely ignore the instructions and use it inappropriately. One thin coat of the sealant is usually enough, but some things may require more than one coat depending on the depth of the crack or hole. In the event of needing more than one coat, you have to wait a while before applying the second or the third. For more details please read the instructions that come with the can(s).

Even though it does the job perfectly, Flex Seal Liquid remains flexible. The creators designed this feature so it wouldn’t crack on certain movements. That’s genius if you think about it. Think about a cracked bucket for instance. You fix the crack, but given the fact that the bucket is plastic and may change it’s shaping when filled and carried around, the flexibility of Flex Seal Liquid will save the recently fixed crack from breaking again.

What does it do?

Flex Seal Liquid CanFlex Seal Liquid has a number of traits, among which are:

  • blocks out air, water, and moisture so if you need an airtight or watertight space or container, Flex Seal Liquid is the solution you are looking for.
  • prevents rust and corrosion (which is ideal for coating any metal; Flex Seal also works as a protective coat)
  • is mildew and chemical resistant so you don’t have to worry about using it inside your house; you can also clean it with any cleaning solution, it won’t affect the Flex Seal coat.
  • it is not – hazardous
  • it resists at extreme temperatures (it is not – flammable and it won’t crack at freezing temperatures)
  • it is safe around plants and animals, in which case you can use it on pots and you don’t have to be concerned if your pets come in contact with the sealant.

Features and benefits

  1. Brush on, roll on, dip or pour – you can use it as you choose or how it may come in handy
  2. Non – hazardous and non – toxic – it is perfectly safe around you and your children. Once it is dried off  you can even eat off it, so to speak
  3. Safe for plants and animals
  4. Non – flammable and UV resistant – it will not burn and it resists laying in the sun without any issue whatsoever
  5. Goes on smooth and covers fast – you will not waste very much time applying the sealant. Even a child can do it
  6. Seals out water, air, and moisture – Flex Seal Liquid can fix virtually anything
  7. Mildew and chemical resistant
  8. Prevents rust and corrosion
  9. Stops noise and vibrations

Flex Seal Liquid UsesWhat can you use Flex Seal Liquid on?

It is impossible to number all the things Flex Seal Liquid can fix because it can fix almost everything. I suppose it depends on the creative side of the person using the sealant. Even if I cannot say all the things Flex Seal Liquid can be used on, I can at least give you a couple of ideas. You can use this sealant on:

  • Roof’s & Gutters (spare yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars and use Flex Seal Liquid to fix your roof and gutters. It works like a charm)
  • Ponds & Bird Baths (concrete cracks are a piece of cake for this product)
  • Basements & Foundations (you put on a coat of paint over Flex Seal Liquid and it will be like the crack was never there)
  • Tools & Sporting Equipment
  • Cars, Trucks & Vans
  • RV’s, Camper’s & Trailers
  • Boats & Watersports
  • Projects & Hobbies

These are a just a few out of many uses Flex Seal Liquid has. So be creative and use it however you feel like it. You cannot go wrong.


Flex Seal Liquid OfferFlex Seal Liquid goes by the slogan ‘The more you buy, the more you save!’. The price differs according to what kind of can you buy (16 oz, 32 oz or 1 gallon) and to what quantity you desire, but the price starts from $19.99, to which they add a small fee for Shipping and Handling. It doesn’t cost that much if you think about the alternative, which is replacing whatever you want to fix. It’s dreamy to fix your roof with just $20 instead of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The price for a large can (16 oz) starts from $19.99.

The price for the jumbo can (32 oz) starts from $29.99.

The price for a gallon of Flex Seal Liquid starts from $89.99.

As I mentioned before, the price decreases if you buy more than one can of the same quantity. Moreover, when you order you will also receive a Handy Flex Shot and a Handy Flex Seal as a gift for entrusting the product.


There isn’t any other better solution than Flex Seal Liquid. Thousands of customers are more than satisfied with the product and claim that they would use any product from the Flex Family. Why? Because the commercials do not lie. It’s not one of those products that promise you the moon in the sky and ultimately don’t deliver. Flex Seal Liquid actually works as promised. Although it is unlikely to fail, in the event of that happening, you will be guaranteed to get your money back. But you will see for yourself that this is not the case. Flex Seal Liquid always delivers!

Flex Seal Spray – A Game Changer Around The House

Flex Seal CansEvery homeowner knows that things break around the house all the time. It’s not something new, nothing lasts forever and it’s only natural for your stuff to suffer some damage over the years. Sometimes you can replace those things because they are cheap or impossible to repair, but most of the times they can suffer a repair. Most importantly, these repairs don’t necessarily require a professional. Some people may turn to these people, but some can do it themselves. Well, here is where Flex Seal intervenes.

With Flex Seal you can repair almost everything. It sticks to virtually anything, making a quick fix a child’s play. I mean this literally, Flex Seal can be used by a kid without any difficulties.

Flex Seal Applies To…

Let’s say you have a countertop that is not quite to the wall. What happens is that stuff will roll over, slip etc, and they will end up behind the counter. Food will rot and smell bad, stove lighters will be lost and whatnot. You and I both know how difficult can be to retrieve something from behind a counter. The solution is simple. You use Flex Seal to seal the space between the wall and the counter. What is more amazing is that you can do this without any mess.

Another scenario involves pipes. Yeah, pipes leaking in your house, or outside, can easily turn into a complete nightmare. Beside damaged pipes, you will be dealing with damaged floors or other parts of your house’s structure. Usually, the solution is to call a plumber. But we both know that plumbers require a small fortune to make a repair. Not to mention that changing the pipes will cost you a lot, primary material wise. Copper pipes, which are the best, don’t come cheap. Quite the contrary. But Flex Seal is only 20$. Imagine making your leaky pipes go away with pocket change. All you have to do is dry the area and apply Flex Seal. The job is done. Leaks no more. Sounds a lot easier, right? And cheaper. Imagine what you can do with all that money.

Now, for the grand scenario, the roof. Replacing a few tiles can be really expensive. The professional company bill and the materials alone will bankrupt you. Not to mention all the commotion. Fortunately, Flex Seal can also handle a roof repair. That’s right. All you need is a gallon of Flex Seal Liquid and the problem will go away in less than 24 hours. How amazing is that?

The good news is that these two are just a couple of scenarios, but Flex Seal can be applied in many situations. You can fix a leaky boat, it can be used on cars, RV’S, pottery, as protection for patio and garden furniture. Your imagination is the limit, really. Since Flex Seal sticks to almost everything…well, you get the idea.

I highly recommend Flex Seal, and so do thousands of satisfied customers. Ever since the liquid rubber sealant was invented, people have been going nuts about it. Since it has some many areas of application, people just love it. You should try it too, and if you are not satisfied, which is soooo unlikely, you will certainly get your money back.

Why Flex Seal?

FlexSeal-cans-mainI suppose this is a frequently asked question. I mean, there are a lot of caulks and other similar stuff on the market. So why Flex Seal?

That is easy, because it’s simply the best! It’s not just a liquid rubber. It’s a tool that can save you some money, save you some time and headaches. Just think about it. You need to make a quick, small repair. What do you do? You ruin an entire tube of caulk? To what purpose. OR, I suppose all of you know how a caulk gun works. If not, let me tell you. You apply pressure on the bottom of the tube in order for the caulk to get out. However, when you are done, the caulk will not stop coming out of the tube because there is still some excess pressure. That is when a caulk gun becomes really messy and kind of annoying. But Flex Seal….well, this is another story. This will never happen with Flex Seal. It will only come out as much as you need.

Also, you will be able to use this silicone sealant more than once. As you may well know, a caulk tube can be used only once. Why? Because if you don’t use it all at once some will remain in the tube and it will dry off. Now there is a waste of money. But this will never happen to Flex Seal. After you use it, you put the lid on and you can use it again and again, and again, until there is nothing left in the tube. That how amazing Flex Seal is. It is the perfect liquid rubber and will remain liquid until you decide otherwise.

Moreover, around the house there can be many jobs that will require sealing, bonding and caulking. The problem is that you may need a different product for different jobs. This will only stick to that and that will only stick to this. It can be really annoying when you need 4 products for 4 jobs. But not with this silicone sealant you won’t. Flex Seal sticks to virtually everything so you will only need ONE product for ANY job. How awesome is that?

I hope this answers your question. So…why Flex Seal? The answer is why not! It’s everything you need.

Flex Seal – Customer Reviews

If you are having trouble on not believing everything Flex Seal has to offer, here are some reviews from satisfied customers.

Martha, 32, housewife

“I have this beautiful pot my father made when I was younger. It is even painted by him. It’s extremely beautiful. I have it on the patio because it is rather big. One day, my 7 year-old son had some friends over and decided to play some football. Accidentally, they threw the ball right in my beautiful pot. It broke instantly. I was so sad. I really love that pot and it is a nice memory from my father, who died 3 years ago from a heart attack. The broken pieces were big enough to fix it so, of course, I tried to put it back together. I bought some industrial glue and it held for a while. But one morning I saw it into pieces again. The glue didn’t hold for too much, the dirt was too heavy. A friend of mine told me about Flex Seal one day so I decided to give it a try. It is amazing I tell you. The pot is now as good as new. It still holds and if you look at it you wouldn’t say it was broken. Thanks to Flex Seal I can still enjoy the pot from my father. So thank you Flex Seal. Keep up the good work!”

Louis, 54, electrician

“One day I left my dog in the backyard, as I always do, left him play and went back inside. I come back in about half an hour to see my dog very focused on chewing my garden hose. I ran to take him away from the hose, but it was already too late. The hose was full of holes from its teeth. I taped it with duct tape, but it got leaky and made puddles all over my lawn. The dog was getting dirty. It was really annoying. I thought about buying a new hose, but my brother told me about Flex Seal. I thought to myself that I should at least give it a try before throwing the hose away. I was skeptic because most products are oversold, but Flex Seal delivered. I was amazed about how easy it was to use and how it made my hose as good as it was when I first bought it. Flex Seal is unbelievably efficient. I also tried it on the roof of my shed. When it rains it doesn’t get wet inside. I recommend it to everyone.”

Carl, 26, realtor

“I bought a canoe 2 years ago. I just love taking it to the river. It’s one of my favorite activities. Sadly, a couple of months ago I hit some rocks really bad and I woke up with several holes in my canoe. They weren’t that big, but they were big enough to take water. I was quite upset because I really loved that canoe and buying a new one wasn’t in for me at the time, money was really tight. Lucky for me, my boss told me about Flex Seal. Oh man, this thing saved my canoe. I made a few Flex Seal patches and then applied them on my canoe. I didn’t believe they would hold, I mean it’s just some liquid rubber, but I couldn’t be more wrong. It worked like a charm. I took it to the river again and Flex Seal actually held. I was so satisfied with it. I fixed my canoe with 20 bucks. It doesn’t get any better than this. Since then I recommend Flex Seal to everyone. It’s the best thing you could possibly have around the house.”

Get Creative with Flex Seal

You can use Flex Seal on basically everything, but if you don’t know where to get started, here are a few tips for you. Enjoy!

flex-seal-reviewsBuckets and Containers

Thanks to Flex Seal, now you don’t have to throw away buckets and containers just because they have a little crack or hole. Other solutions you may have do not work most of the times, but Flex Seal will get the job done. Now you don’t have to spend money on a new bucket or container. All you have to do is apply Flex Seal on the crack or apply a Flex Seal rubber patch on the hole and your bucket or container is as good as new.


There is nothing more annoying than a leaky hose. It creates puddles and destroys your lawn. The annoying part is that you try to fix it again and again with glue or duct tape, but the leak is still there. Buying a new hose can be expensive, but Flex Seal will fix this for you. Apply it on the crack and the hose will not be leaky ever again. Not in that spot, anyway. Don’t throw money on a new hose or other so-called solutions. Get Flex Seal and the problem will be gone!


If you are a plant lover, then you know how unfortunate can be a broken pot. You try different glues, but the pressure from the dirt seems to be a little too much and the pot cracks again. So what do you do? You buy Flex Seal. It is extremely enduring and lasting. You will never have to fix that pot in that spot ever again. This goes for decorative ceramics as well.

work16-flexsealSeal Kitchen Counters

The kitchen can get really dirty sometimes. When you have the counters close to the wall, different liquids can slide towards the wall and behind the counter. This can lead to dirty walls and even mold from the humidity. Sure, you could use caulk, but it is an annoying procedure, it can get messy and the smell alone will make you want to quit the whole thing. Here comes Flex Seal. It is impossible to make a mess and is extremely easy to use. You can seal that crack in no time and say goodbye to any unpleasant dirt behind the counter. A clean kitchen is the dream of any housewife, so what are waiting for? Buy Flex Seal now!


Flex_Seal__62415_zoom1342023407Bathroom Racks

There are a lot of products in the bathroom. Towels, cleaning products, cosmetics, and whatnot. Where are you going to put them all? On racks of course. But what happens when the racks just don’t hold? Self-adhesive racks fall off all the time and you find the towels on the ground one morning, including the rack. The smartest solution is Flex Seal, of course. Seal those racks to the wall and you will not find towels on the floor anymore.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use Flex Seal. Above there are just a few ideas, a few of many, many more. So get creative. Try Flex Seal on anything that comes to mind. It caulks, seals and bonds virtually anything, so get going. Buy Flex Seal now and see for yourself. Flex Seal will never let you down.


Flex Seal: Features and Benefits

imagesTry Flex Seal now and enjoy the multiple features and benefits it has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Thousands of people have already tried Flex Seal and declared themselves more than satisfied. Read Flex Seal reviews and see for yourself.

  • Caulks, Bonds, And Seals Virtually Everything! You do not have to worry it won’t stick to whatever you decide to use it. From household objects to RV’s and boats, Flex Seal will surely do its job.
  • No Need For A Caulking Gun! Once you try Flex Seal you will forget the very existence of caulk guns. They are heavy, not so easy to use and will make you caulk tube leak well after you use it. The storage is also an issue. You cannot put a caulk gun in a drawer, for example. It’s too big. But Flex Seal is very easy to store.
  • No Running, No Dripping, No Mess! You will have a blast using Flex Shot. You do not have to wear equipment, it doesn’t drip if you decide to seal something vertically and you do not have to clean up the mess after using it because there is none.
  • Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time! Flex Seal is easy to use, it’s not very big so the accuracy you are doing your job with is pretty amazing. Given the fact that you press and hold the very tip of the tube you will have extraordinary precision every single time.
  • Expands And Contracts! When using Flex Seal you do not have to worry about the flexibility of the object you are using it on. After all, Flex Seal is solid rubber, so it’s fairly flexible. It will not crack if extended or suppressed. It will become part of the object, so to speak.
  • Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes! Do not think that you can use Flex Seal just as any other caulk or adhesive. You can make huge repairs even if it seems impossible. It has the ability to fill big holes and cracks, so don’t be shy, test its limits!
  • Great For Crafts And Decorative Items! Now you don’t have to throw away that big, beautiful ceramics pot from your garden. Regular adhesives do not withstand big weights, but Flex Seal is guaranteed to hold, even if the object in question is designed to sustain heavyweights.
  • No Waste – Use It Again And Again! Usually, regular caulks dry out in the tube if you open the can. Even if you put the cap back on, you will still have a solid tube of caulk after a short while. You cannot use it again. But Flex Seal does not dry out. You can use it over and over again until the tube is empty. Nothing will go to waste.
  • So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It! You do not have to be a professional in order to know how to use Flex Shot. It is extremely easy to handle, even your child could do it. You just point the tube at a 45 degrees angle and press the tube. It cannot get any easier than that.

As you can see, Flex Seal holds a lot of features for a simple tube of liquid rubber. So get Flex Seal now and enjoy them all!


Flex Seal Review- How is this product best for you

FlexSeal_Banner_4Cracks and holes are inevitable in any household. There is always something that breaks, bursts or splinters. It’s natural. Nothing lasts forever. But what if there were a way to fix all these things in an easy, clean way, without resorting to caulk guns? Lucky for you, there is!

Flex Seal is a revolutionary, new product that holds the ability to replace caulks and glues. Every feature you need is now in one single product. Flex Seal is a super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds and seals. You can fix almost everything with it and it is amazingly easy to use.

We have all been in that situation when you just don’t get yourself to throw something away in the hope of soon finding a viable solution for fixing it. Sadly, most adhesives glues and caulks don’t work, or they deteriorate in a little while. This is where Flex Seal comes in. Due to the fact that is very thick, you can fill huge cracks and holes in almost everything. You don’t have to throw things away anymore just because it leaks. Flex Seal will take care of that for you. A lot of people used Flex Seal and are very satisfied with the product. You can read online a lot of Flex Seal reviews. People have used Flex Seal sealant on a lot of surfaces and declared themselves more than satisfied. You should try Flex Seal and see for yourself.

Forget about caulking guns when renovating or doing repairs. Flex Seal is the easy solution. It clings to almost everything and in a short while it transforms into a solid rubber seal. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom and you don’t even have to wear any equipment or prepare the area of use (except removing grease or any other substance that may affect adherence). It is the cleanest way to make repairs. Also, unlike regular caulks that dry out, shrink or crack over time, Flex Seal expands and contracts to make everything completely waterproof.

When ordering Flex Seal you will also get a free extension tube. This way you will be able to use it in those hard-to-reach places, or you can cut it in order for the tube to release more substance at once.

How Flex Seal works

Basically, Flex Seal is a pressurized dispenser of caulk-like substance that is created for the sole purpose of sealing and bonding things together. It’s the neatest and clean way for anyone to easily make repairs. The makers of Flex Seal guarantee that there is no other long-lasting similar product on the market. It can last up to 30 years without deteriorating. And, unlike the caulks you find on the market, there is no waste. Usually, if you buy a caulk gun and you use just a little bit, it will dry out in the tube until the next use. But Flex Seal can be used again and again without drying out.

Is extremely versatile. You can use it on any surface, in your kitchen, bathroom, you can use it to make plumbing repairs or even fix structural leaks. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You just point the tube at a 45 degrees angle, press against the tube and run along the seam you are trying to seal. Simple as that. You don’t have to be a professional in order to use Flex Seal. Anybody can do it.

When making repairs, we all hate those hard-to-reach places. You just cannot get your work done properly, whatever you may try. Flex Seal makers have taken this issue seriously and created an easy, but valid, solution. They added an extension tube. Besides the fact that you can now reach any small place, you can also cut it to adjust the thickness of the bead in case you need to use more substance at one.

When done using Flex Seal, you just have to release the tube and wipe the excess. It will not keep leaking like regular caulks. This way you will get a perfect beaded seal, completely waterproof. Although manufacturers state that Flex Seal is better on dry surfaces, you can also use it on one that is wet, as long as you don’t use it in standing water.

An important aspect when making repairs is the kitchen or bathroom is the occurrence of mold or mildew. Nobody wants to see that in the living space, or anywhere else for that matter. Most caulks create an auspicious environment for this nasty issue, but not Flex Seal. It contains some substances that don’t even allow the occurrence of mold, let alone its expansion.

Unlike other sealant products, Flex Seal dries in a very short amount of time. The main worry is that you might accidentally touch it and ruin the entire repair. But this is not the case. Flex Seal dries in 20 minutes to the touch. However, it may take 48 to 72 hours to completely dry off. Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures, -76 degrees F to 350 degrees F. So, if you use Flex Seal outside and it snows all over it, in the spring you will find it just the way you left it, intact.

When dry, Flex Seal transforms into solid rubber that both expands and contracts. This way you can use it on any object or surface: sinks, bathtubs, tiles, windows, showers, skylights, roofs, gutters, autos, boats, RV’s, campers, PVC, ducts, decorative items, and many more. As you can see, the sky is the limit. What is more amazing is that it will never fade, dry, crack or even yellow and deteriorate from contact with household cleaners. As you well know, bathroom and kitchen caulks must be changed periodically because they change color, the bad way. Whether they turn yellow or grey, they are aesthetically disturbing. But if you try Flex Seal you will have up to 30 years of immaculacy.

In spite of its versatility, Flex Seal is not recommended in certain situations. For example, you cannot use it for fixing tires or any other object on which is exerted a great amount of pressure. Also, Flex Seal has not been tested on potable drinking water systems and cannot be painted over.

When you get Flex Seal, you will receive:

  • 1 can of Flex Shot (in can be purchased in White, Clear, Almond and Black)
  • 1 reusable extension tube
  • 1 extra can and tube free
  • 1 can Flex Seal (extra in Shipping and Handling)


Pricing, Shipping, and Refunds

k2-_50bcabd6-1ed4-4e3e-8a3e-f8ecb23bdd74.v1.jpg-69a417d439600a540594eba097386851ebb47ed7-optim-450x450Flex Seal has a “Buy one get one for free” policy on their website. So if you order one tube, you will receive one extra tube for no extra funds. The price per tube is 12.99$, along with the shipping and handling the total cost will be 22, 98$.  The amount of time for delivery is somewhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the product, which is not very likely, you can return Flex Seal and get a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

All in all, is everything you need when sealing and bonding things together. It is the best product out there and it will not disappoint you. So get Flex Seal now and see for yourself. You will never use caulk again.


Rodent Sheriff Reviews

I have never heard anyone saying that they are happy with their rodent and other pests situation. Who would? They multiply like crazy, they ruin everything and they are really unsanitary. I used to have the same problem. The rodents would get into my garage, from there inside the house, and I would freak out every time I caught a glimpse of them. However, I am a sensitive person and killing them was not an option. Putting out traps or poison was out of the question. I have children and a dog. It was way too dangerous. But then I discovered Rodent Sheriff and my problem disappeared completely.

Rodent Sheriff banner

What is Rodent Sheriff?


Rodent Sheriff is a spraying solution that acts as a powerful repellent against rodents and other pests. It eradicates the problem right from the start. If the rodents don’t come, then you don’t have a problem, now do you?

What is even more amazing about this product is that there are no chemicals whatsoever in it. It is made from 100% natural ingredients. To be more accurate, the product is made of peppermint oil. A simple solution at first sight, but more powerful than you may think. I believe that Rodent Sheriff is the sheer proof that nature will always find a solution for every problem one may have.

Features And Benefits


What I love about Rodent Sheriff is that it has a lot of features and benefits. It has been a long time since I was waiting for such a product, and here is why:

  1. It is 100% natural. It is made out of peppermint oil. It is completely harmless to the environment, yourself, your children and your pets. You have no reason to be afraid of it. However, it seems that rodents utterly hate peppermint oil, so they will do everything to avoid it.
  2. It can be safely sprayed around the house, even if your children and your pets play in those places you sprayed. It will not harm them. It can even be sprayed around the garden (around veggies and even fruit trees).
  3. Rodent Sheriff is super easy to use. It comes in a spray bottle that can be easily handled. Even if you have small hands, you will be comfortable while using it. All you have to do is spray and there you have it.
  4. I don’t know if you have ever smelled peppermint, but it has a really nice scent. Which is why you will have no issues in using the product indoors.
  5. You can use this product anywhere. Outside, inside, it doesn’t matter. It makes no difference to its effect. It works just as fine.

So, if you are like me and you have a feeling of abhorrence towards chemicals, then Rodent Sheriff is the product for you. I always worry about the products I use around the house. I always wonder ‘Will it affect my health or my children’s health?’ It is only natural for a mother to think this way. The good news is that with Rodent Sheriff you will not have to worry about these aspects. Being 100% natural means that is perfectly safe.

How To Use Rodent Sheriff?


The advantage of using this product is that is very easy. No chemicals mean that no special instructions are provided. There are no required quantities or maximum dosages and whatnot.

As I said before, the product comes in small spraying bottle. Even if you have small hands, you can easily handle it. So, how do you use it? You basically spray the content of the bottle in the areas where you know the rodents are. This applies for outdoors spaces.

As for when you want to use it indoors, you don’t have to spray all over the place. All you have to do is spray Rodent Sheriff in the areas where the rodents make their entrance. Whether is doors or vents, just spray the solution on and they will return from where they came from. They will stay away knowing that whenever they come back, they will come across the peppermint smell again. Rodents are pretty smart, so they will stay away.

As for other spaces, you proceed the same. Spray the garage door, the barn door, and other entrance spaces you may find. The pests will be gone.

Advantages & Disadvantages

As any other product, there are pros and cons for Rodent Sheriff too. Personally, I don’t consider all these cons to be so bad, but for some people they may be. But I will start with the advantages:

Rodent Sheriff bottle

  • the fact that is very easy to use. Anything that makes my life easier it’s a wonderful thing for me, and I can assume that anybody will think the same.
  • there is no bad smell. The peppermint oil has a nice fragrance and I like it. At least there is no smell of chemicals, which is great.
  • the fact that is all natural. There are too few products on the market that have all kinds of damaging chemicals. Rodent Sheriff doesn’t contain any, which is a big plus.
  • I don’t have to worry about the product’s impact on my children and pet. They can come in contact with the product whenever. It’s totally fine.
  • the price per bottle is fairly reasonable. It may seem a lot on a single look, but imagine how much would it cost you to call pest control? A whole lot.
  • the fact that you can use this product wherever (indoors and outdoors) makes things a little bit easier. You don’t have to buy a lot of products in order to overcome the same problem. A single one is enough.
  • although you get a small-ish bottle of Rodent Sheriff, keep in mind that it can release up to 1000 sprays. It will last a while.
  • the manufacturer has so much faith in the product and its effect that there is a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if the product doesn’t work (which is highly unlikely), you will get your money back.

As for the cons, there are a few. There are a couple of them I don’t find so inconvenient, but some people might:

  • Rodent Sheriff must be used more often than regular chemicals. The effect does not last so long.
  • some people may not like the smell of peppermint. Personally, I love it, but people have different tastes.
  • it is only available online. You cannot get it from the store. If you run out you have to place a new order.

Is Rodent Sheriff For You?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of person you are and who you are responsible for. I don’t have anything personally with people who prefer to kill pests, but I think that Rodent Sheriff is a humane way of getting rid of mice and other creatures. If you have a family then this product is perfect for you. Children and pets cannot be exposed to all kinds of chemicals that may affect their health.

Furthermore, if you like to take the matter into your own hands, again Rodent Sheriff is for you. You don’t have to wait for pest control. It’s also cheaper. And as a bonus, Rodent Sheriff smells wonderful.

Whether Rodent Sheriff is for you or not, it is completely your decision. But I say you should give it a spray!

Where Can I Buy Rodent Sheriff?


Unfortunately, the product cannot be found in stores. For now is only available online. The best source is the official website rodentsheriff.com. Only there you can find the best deals.

The price per bottle is 10$. Keep in mind that you have 1000 sprays in one bottle, so it seems reasonable. At the moment the manufacturer has a great offer: 2 bottles for the price of 1.Personallyy, I believe it is a great deal.

As any other order, you must pay a fee for shipping and handling. The fee is an extra 7.95$ (for 2 bottles is an extra 1.95$), but it is still cheaper than calling a professional.

The manufacturer even offers a 30-day money back guarantee in the off chance Rodent Sheriff doesn’t do its job properly. But as I said above, the chance is small to nothing. Pests hate peppermint so they will stay away. You have my word.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Rodent Sheriff today!


Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Reviews – Beautify Your Lawn!

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is a wonderful solution for those of you who struggle with your lawns. Yes, I know it is a real problem. Somehow, no matter what some of you may do, you just can’t have that perfect, beautiful, green grass lawn you desire. And to make it even worse, your neighbor has a perfectly mowed evergreen lawn.

The good news is that with Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn you can finally have the yard you are dreaming of. All you have to do is spray it with your very own garden hose. All it takes is a little bit of hydroseeding and your lawn will look just like in those fancy magazines.

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn banner


Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro – mulching or hydroseeding, is a special planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It was invented in the 1950s by some farmers driven by the desire of growing larger areas of vegetation or grass in a smaller amount of time than usual.

The beauty of hydroseeding is that it can be completed in a really short period of time and the results are just as fast. It has proven to be really effective for hillsides and sloping lawns, it also helps with erosion control. The domain has been extended to other crops due to its efficiency and quick planting. It has proven to be a real success for such a simple thing.

Another advantage of hydroseeding is that it’s very cheap. It costs less than regular lawn, but it appears in about a week. Imagine having this perfect lawn in just a week. Sounds surreal, I know, but this is all possible now with Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn. It’s like all you have to do is spray grass all over your lawn.

Just to give you a quick insight into how and why hydroseeding works so well, the fiber mulch accelerates the growing process by maintaining a certain level of moisture around the seeds. Having a perfect level of moisture leads to a higher rate of germination. And there you have it. Simple as that.

How does Hydro Mousse work?

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn before and afterHydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is the world’s first hydroseeder that is not made for industrial purposes. It’s the first one that can be used at home, by the small consumer.

All you have to do is attach the given device to your own garden hose (any hose works, really) and spray. It’s like some kind of liquid grass seed that will completely transform your barren yard into a beautiful green paradise.

The product consists of the seed, a special spray formula, a coating chamber and a spray nozzle. If you think about it, all these items are put together to make some kind of spray on grass device. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

In order to properly use Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn, all you have to do is fill the chamber with seed and formula as instructed, and then attach it any garden hose. If you look carefully, you can see that there is a control setting button that will establish the intensity of the seed spraying. As a bonus, thanks to the green dye, you will always be able to know where the seed has been sprayed. You don’t want to waste the seeds by spraying twice in the same spot, now do you?

Features & Benefits

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn bannerHonestly, there isn’t much to say when it comes to Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn’s features and benefits, not because it doesn’t have any, but because I think that from what I told you so far about the product, it’s self-explanatory.

Still, here are a few:

  • it can be used in high traffic areas (we all know how grass suffers damage from traffic pollution and dust, but with this product, the problem completely goes away)
  • it patches dog defecation spots (if you have a dog like I do, then you know what I am talking about. The grass just dies)
  • it works in the shade (the grass will no longer depend on UV lights in order to grow beautifully)
  • it blends with the existing lawn ( your lawn will not look patchy, but the same all over the place)

These are the most common issues with your lawn, but Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn will solve these problems all at once.

Pros And Cons

As every existing product, Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn had advantages and disadvantages. I am going to start with my favorites, the pros:

  • the product is very simple to use. You just connect it to any garden hose you may have and there you have it.
  • the grass grows super fast. All it takes is one week. Your lawn will look fresh and beautiful, faster than any other solution on the market.
  • you don’t have to use any other lawn treatments. Hydroseeding works great by itself.
  • it doesn’t matter that your area is in a rough traffic zone. This issue doesn’t affect the efficiency of Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn
  • it has the Spray n’Stay technology (patent pending)

As for the cons, there is only one I can think of. Even though the germination rate is high, it doesn’t work as well in rough climates. But then again, normal grass has a hard time in rough climates.

What Do You Get?

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn package contentWhen you order Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn you will get a package that contains a few items:

  1. 2 oz of Magic Mousse Formula
  2. 1/2 lb proprietary grass seed blend
  3. Hydro Mousse coating chamber
  4. Hydro Mousse nozzle

To show you that they trust their product entirely, the manufacturer, Eagle Eye Marketing Group, offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The company has a good reputation, no complaints with the BBB, so you know that the product is trustworthy.


Click HERE For The Lowest Price!

The best place to order Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is the official website or other affiliates (like this one). You will pay an amount of 19.95$ for the product, plus an additional 7.95$ for shipping and handling.

I mentioned above about the 60-day money back guarantee, but what the website is offering at the moment is the ‘double offer’. You will get enough seed and formula for 100 square feet, which is roughly 200 spots.

There you have it. Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is the salvation of every barren yard. What are you waiting for? Make your surroundings green again!

DIY Brings The Family Together

Technology has become a real issue for parents nowadays. Of course, the technological progress is a wonderful thing because it makes our lives so much easier, but when you have a couple of kids who cannot stay away from their phones, tablets and computers for a moment, then you have a problem. Not only is unhealthy, but they are totally oblivious to what happens around them. Moreover, they will be a part of a generation which knows nothing about crafts and such.

The more you think about it, the sadder it gets. As an adult, you remember all those times when you helped your parents with different projects and how much fun it was for you. You didn’t have different devices or internet. But your kids know nothing of the sort. And this is on you for the most part. Yes, the temptation is strong and the trends run fast and wild among the young, but you are the parent. Therefore, it is your responsibility as parent and as an adult to teach the younger generation about anything other than how to use a tablet.

Keeping this in mind, have you ever thought of involving your children in a DIY project? It doesn’t have to be big, or complicated, it just has to be something that doesn’t involve a touchscreen. Also, the perspective you present to your children must be appealing. Don’t present it as an obligation or something that requires hard work because you will surely lose them. All you have to do is make it seem fun and useful. They will be more open to the idea. Another bad idea is to schedule this project when they have plans, like going to the movies with their friends. Children, especially teenagers, value their time with their friends more than the time spent with you. It’s a phase, but you must respect it if you want their attention.

Once you picked a project, the next step would be making the assignments. Everyone is on charge of something. Try to listen to your kids, let them choose what to do. This will give them more confidence and, once again, they will not feel pressured to do something. Let them think it’s their idea. This is one of the wisest advice for parents. As long as a child thinks that it was his idea to do something, the pace will be much faster.

As for the fun part, tell jokes, you can make pranks (as long as it is safe) or even stop the activity for different games. Remember that there isn’t a timeline for a project. You can do it in 2 days or 2 weeks. Nobody cares, as long as you can have some fun as a family. Also, be open to ideas. Listen to your kids and when possible, integrate their ideas in the projects. Kids want to feel like their voices are heard and not ignored. So keep this in mind.

If you need to use power tools, like for a tree house for example, do not hurry to dismiss you children. They are designed to be curious, so let them watch, and if all the safety issues are met, let them try do something. But everything must be handled under your close and careful supervision. You don’t need accidents.

Once you do this, you will see that your children will more prone to do all sorts of activities with you. They will learn to do things from scratch and the time spent with you is priceless. This can be used as a family bonding time. This way, you can help them do something other than being brainwashed by social media and other things that come with technological excess. Also, they will be able to make happy memories for when they grow up. Maybe they will do the same with their children and so on. Have fun!

Do It Yourself vs. Professional Help

DIY-vs-hired-help_large_iztvplThere is always something broken around the house. I don’t believe there is in this world a household without at least one issue. Things get broken without any apparent reason sometimes and the one thing you can do about it is accept it and fix it. Whether it is yourself or a professional, that’s completely up to you.

I have always opted to get things fixed by professionals. Why? Because why bother? There are people who get paid to do just that. And they usually do it better…doh! I thought that everybody has to eat and if I do all the electrical, for example, what will the electrician do? He would go out of business if everybody thought the same. I embraced this principle for every area of expertise. It is not a bad thing, but sometimes projects like this can really dry out your pockets.

So…what happens when money is tight? You do a little research and you get yourself a little DIY project. Just so you know, I don’t encourage you to become an electrician overnight. This is potentially dangerous and you must not toy with it. But home improvements projects…go ahead. You may even have some fun while at it.

DIY is fun, but time consuming and not completely cheap. So don’t think you will save a fortune by doing everything yourself. All you save is the workmanship. The supplies are as expensive as they would be when the constructor buys them. Also, it will take you longer to get the job done because you know…you don’t feel any pressure other than the pressure you put on yourself. But all in all, it can be fun, you learn a whole bunch of new things and the satisfaction is really rewarding. You would be looking at something and feel proud thinking ‘I did that!’.

On the other hand, professionals know what they are doing. You will not see them googling ‘How to install hardwood’, or ‘How to change a socket’. They make a living out of these activities, therefore they do it well. And fast. Yes, it is more expensive to call a plumber or an electrician, but think of the money you will be spending if you try to do the job yourself and make it worse. There’s that… and let’s not forget about the safety issues. I bet that there are people who try to change a socket without cutting the power first.

All in all, there are pros and cons on both sides. After all, you do what you have to with the resources you have at hand. However, I advise you not to take these kinds of projects lightly. No matter how much easy they may appear to be,  I guarantee you that most of them are more complicated than they seem. There is a reason people get taught and trained to do them, so don’t underestimate the difficulty of a certain project. Chances are there a lot of things you wouldn’t even think about. And always put safety first.


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